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Art Kids Academy has amazing art programs for kids ages 4-14.  Inspire kids with drawing and painting as they learn about master artists, art styles and cultural art from around the world. We have programs below that are available for sign up through out the year. We also provide workshops and programs right at your facility. Please call 201-248-3455 or email to bring one of our artist to your location. 

Saturday Art School

For Kids Ages 5-14

2017 Schedule


Saturday Art School is an amazing opportunity for kids to explore and appreciate the wonderful world of art. Kids will get a chance to draw, paint, color, and sculpt their Saturday away as they lean about artists and cultures from around the world. Saturday Art School is held 2-3 times per month and will last 1 hour in different locations in northern NJ. Have your kids become like artists as they create masterpiece artwork

We encourage you to register prior to coming, however, walk-ins are always welcome as long as their additional space available. 

Summer Art Camp

For Kids Ages 5-14

2017 Schedule 


Every one knows that the best type of summer camps is Art CAMP.  Kids ages 5-14 can sign up for our awesome Summer Art Camp.  You can sign up for a Full Day or Half Day.  9AM - 3PM. Each week in a different art camp theme.  Learn how to draw elephants and monkeys in our Animal Safari Camp. Or paint like Van Gogh in our Dream Big Art Camp. Sign up today!

Art & Cooking Special Events

For Kids Ages 6-14

2017 Schedule 


Is your child artistic but also loves to cook? Then our Art & Cooking special events are perfect your young artistic chef. These special events are in collaboration with the Weight Wellness Center. 1 hour focused on an art project and 1 hour focused on a particular food, beverage, appetizer for the kids and parents to enjoy! All materials included.

Weekday - After School Program

For Kids Ages 5-14

2017 Schedule 


No more video games right after school! This is the perfect opportunity for kids to be creative,  work with their hands and create something truly unique.  Kids will create paintings, drawings, comic books,trading cards and much more.

Adult Wine & Paint Nights

Adults Only 

2017 Schedule 


Come out and enjoy a glass of French wine, indulge in some hors d'oeuvres inspired by Paris, and then learn how to paint the Eiffel Tower during sunset.  Taught by a professional artist, step by step demonstration, includes all materials and supplies, and 1 round of small plates. 2 hour event. BYO Pricing will vary depending on the event. 

Pre-K Creation Station

For Kids Ages 3-4

Coming Soon


This is an unique workshop that will give parents the opportunity to work, play, and create along side their young little artist.  Kids and parents will move through 5 different "Creation Stations" that will focus on hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, coordination motor skills and color and drawing skills.

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