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Art Kids Academy was created by Brandon and Jennifer Dorney in 2010.Their idea was to create a more educational focused art program while still maintaining a fun and interactive learning environment.  Art Kids Academy is a fine arts, creative arts, multicultural arts program for kids ages 4+.

Brandon has his A.A.S. in Graphic Design and a B.S. in Fine Arts Education with a focus on Photography.  He holds a Standard Arts Education Teacher Certification in the state of NJ. With more then 10 years teaching experience in the public education system. 

Jennifer has her B.S. in English with a concentration in Education. She holds a Standard Teacher Certification in the state of NJ. Jennifer also has her Master's degree in Inclusion Education. Jennifer is currently in her 12th year of High School English/Inclusion.  Jennifer also holds her 200 hour Yoga Certification and currently teaches at the Shiva Shanti Yoga School in Rutherford, NJ. Jennifer also holds a Certification in Nutrition and Wellness. 

Art Kids Academy is an engaging program that focuses on Master Artists, Art Styles and Multicultural Art from around the world.  Our programs are educationally based and focus on teaching kids the basics of art while having fun at the same time. Kids ages 4 and older are ready to discuss, interpret, analyze, and create artwork focused on art history, cultures around the world and the principles of Art and Design. We use an inquiry based approach to teaching art that engages kids to think, make connections and see how art can relate to the real world around them. Kids in this program will learn through discussion, learn through demonstrations AND learn by creating.

Art Kids Academy is fun for all ages! We create a fun learning environment for kids(and adults) to create beautiful masterpiece artwork! We always play soft music in the background to add to the artistic atmosphere of the room. While kids are working on their artwork they chat and get to be social with one another at the table building their social skills. The kids at Art Kids Academy all have something in common, THEY LOVE ART! So there's ALWAYS something to discuss.

Our Art Critique sessions are perhaps the most popular for parents and kids.  This is at the end of each program when the artists get to discuss each other's artwork in a positive, nurturing way. Kids are encouraged to find artworks that stand out and have to describe or (defend) why they enjoy them. This is a great time for kids to build their analytical skills as they have to interpret art into words.  Parents love to hear all the interesting things kids find in each other's artwork. Kids say the darnedest things!

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