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After School Programs

There are 2 ways to get involved in our After School Art Programs.


1.  Bring Art Kids Academy to your child's school (Read Below)

2. Sign up for one of our local programs (Click Button)

About Our After School Programs

Art Kids Academy provides interactive creative art after school enrichment programming for kids 5-14 years old.  This program is set up directly in your child's school.  Classes are 1 hour long, for 4, 6, 8, or 10 weeks. Each week students will learn about different artists, art styles, and get to use all different types of art mediums. Students will also get fun "How To Draw" worksheets, Artist Biographies, and cool Take-Home art project ideas.  

Attention PTO/PTA

Help us bring Art Kids Academy right to your child's school and your child goes for FREE!

Dear Parent Organizations and Enrichment Coordinators,


We take a hands-on approach to learning with a focus on problem solving and self-expression.

Art Kids Academy will provide your school with:

• A certified art instructor
• Professional level art lessons and materials
• 4/6/8/10 week programs
• 1 hour directly after the school day ends
• Take home drawings and activities for kids

• Easy Online Registration
• A turn-key approach to setting up your program

• An experience for your students that will leave a

   lasting impression

Art Kids Academy fund-raising ideas and school donations for Parent Organizations

• Art Birthday Party Raffle worth $225
• Art Baskets for Tricky Tray events worth $25, $50, or $75

• Art Kits/Brushes worth $50

• Saturday Art School Programs worth $50, $100

• Summer Camp Giveaways worth $225

Art Kids Academy is a great program for kids who want to be creative after school.  Our Enrichment classes are fun, educational and engaging for grades K-8.
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Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions that may help.

How do I enroll my son or daughter in the Art Kids Academy?

The easiest way to enroll your child in Art Kids Academy is by helping us get into your child's school.  Art Kids Academy can be brought in by your PTO/PTA organization.  Call 201-248-3455 or email us to help Art Kids Academy get into your child's school.  We have an incentive program for all parent organizations.  Once we get the OK, we will run our programs right in your child's school as soon as the regular school day ends.


How long is Art Kids Academy?

We're flexible! Choose from an 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 week program. (Typical program is 6 weeks). We can work with any school schedule.  There will be 1 class per week.  We have over 100 different after school enrichment classes available.

What age is appropriate for Art Kids Academy?

Right now we have programs for Kindergarten - 8th grade. 


How many are in a class?

There will be at least 8 in a class with a maximum of 20.


Who pays for the program? 

Art Kids Academy prints out all the registration forms.  We deliver them right to the school.  The school sends the registrations home with the students.  Finally, the parents mail the registration forms back to Art Kids Academy with a check or money order. 

Do you have Online Registration?

Yes, Art Kids Academy provides both paper registrations and online registration for all our schools.


What other types of programs do you offer?

Birthday Parties, Saturday Art School, Summer Camp, Art & Cooking Classes, Special art events, and much more.  


Fun and Engaging





Grades K-8th

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